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By Kristie Brown

If you're using the LinkedIn website in your quest to find the perfect job, you're on the right track. A recent survey shows that 93% of employers look for hiring prospects using that same website, so your chances of having your credentials viewed on there is very high. At the same time, other social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, have seen a rise in the number of employers who are using them to find potential job candidates. It could be that the days of pounding the pavement or sending out hundreds of resumes are passing us by in favor of new easier technological methods of job seeking and employee screening.

It's estimated that 92% of all employers will be searching the social media sites during the coming year looking for candidates to fill their job openings. While this means that you stand a better chance of finding a job on the Internet than ever before, be aware that what you say can hurt you. You need to be extra careful about the things you post online for fear that the wrong person will see them at just the wrong time which may cost you the job you'd really like to have. Make sure that the spelling and grammar in your profile are be spot on, because employers view mistakes negatively.

Historically, employees secured through social media sites get jobs quicker and stay with the employers for longer periods of time indicating greater job satisfaction. Employers like not having to read through stacks of resumes, because good prospects can get lost in just the sheer numbers. Since many people use professional resume writers to enhance their chances of employment, many of the resumes are cookie-cutter images of each other or filled with boasts that border on the untrue. Social media allows everyone to show a more accurate picture of themselves and their skills.

The fact that employer and job candidate can communicate prior to setting up a personal interview can provide a good means of eliminating poor matches. People are no longer having to fly clear across the country for an interview unless they are likely to be right for the available job.

The system is working, so the use of social media in job searches is bound to continue to increase. Recent surveys show that as many as 73% of all job recruiters report having found and hired a candidate they first contacted through a the Internet which presents good odds for job seekers and employers as well.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kristie_Brown

Working on Yachts and Superyachts - Testimonials

   Received the ebook with no problem. It is great and I really liked the links at the end of the book. Thank you very much for the wonderful information and I definitely keep in touch. David. Regards Five Star average Amazon rating

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