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By Michael Leahy

Flying into Cannes is a wonderful experience, as the planes often have to bank across the bay before landing at nearby Nice airport, giving spectacular views of the Riviera. But taxis to Cannes cost upwards of EUR90 depending on where you are staying. So it is always worth checking the other options. If you are travelling with one or two people and have had a long flight, you might just want to get downtown as quickly as possible in which case the taxis are a fast tempting option. If you are travelling alone, on a budget and have a little time, there are three cheap ways to get to Cannes.

Our first tip is the cheapest: the bus. Bus number 200 leaves from Terminal 1 and costs the princely sum of EUR1. However, it will no longer run from February 1, 2010 except for evenings when the NoctamBus 200 takes over from the shuttle bus (see below). The journey takes about 90 minutes. It can get crowded during the day, and your suitcases are going to get in the way of everyone!

It's a little-known secret that Nice airport has a railway station (relatively) near by: Nice-St Augustin. It brings you to Cannes in about 35 minutes for the price of about EUR5 (May 2009). It's particularly handy if you are staying in Juan-les-Pins or Antibes. The only trouble is finding it. One option is to go to the bus station in Terminal 1 and follow the signposts for the "L'Arenas" office block. Then either walk under the portal and continue through the back of the complex to a lane that leads to Boulevard René Cassin, or take the Avenue Lindbergh and then a right on the Blvd Cassin to get to the same place. Cross at the lights and head under the railway bridge. Take a right on to the Avenue Grinda and you'll find the station. It takes about 15 minutes, not recommended if you have heavy cases but perfectly doable otherwise. Last trains are at 23:36 and 20 past midnight. Look for the latest timetable on the SNCF site or Cannes-or-Bust.com.

The shuttle bus (number 210) is a popular option, as it leaves from Terminal 1 every 30 minutes, visits Terminal 2 and then takes the motorway straight to Cannes for EUR15.6 in 50 minutes. The bus arrives and then leaves from the "gare routière" near Cannes town hall. The last bus leaves the airport at 8pm, which is early.

Getting to Cannes at a cheap rate makes a great start to your visit.

Michael Leahy is a platinum lyricist and entertainment buff that runs Cannes-or-Bust.com ( http://www.cannes-or-bust.com ), for inside tips about travelling to Cannes for business or pleasure.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Michael_Leahy

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