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By L D Sharma

Visitors to Antibes can enjoy the many attractions that are present in this fine Mediterranean port city. Because of the great climate, a large number of beaches are very popular in Antibes. There are over forty-eight beaches that lay along the twenty-five kilometres of coastline that surrounds Antibes and Juan Les Pins.

Museums - Antibes is famous for a number of museums.

The Archaeology Museum is located on top of the Promenade Amiral de Grasse, a seventeenth century fortress. This museum focuses on the classical period in Antibes history. It has spectacular views of the sea and mountains. Many of the artefacts that have been recovered from shipwrecks and the harbour are displayed at this location.

The Naval Museum of Napoleon is positioned in a seventeenth century stone for and tower. It holds a collection of memorabilia owned by Napoleon, naval models, and paintings. Many of the paintings on display reveal special moments in Napoleon's reign. The collection also includes many pieces of clothing and including hats that he wore in the past.

The Picasso Museum is perhaps the most famous of all the museums in the Antibes. It contains an extensive collection of Picasso's paintings. Twenty-four paintings, forty-four drawings, thirty-two lithographs, eleven oil papers, eighty pieces of ceramic, two sculptures, and five tapestries.

La Tour Museum is a small museum that holds the contemporary art history of Antibes. Costumes, photographs, tools, and other items by local people make up the bulk of this display.

Absinth Museum is located in the basement of the Roman foundations of the Absinthe. This is a must-see for anyone who is visiting Antibes. At the museum you can learn the process that is involved in the production of green liqueur.

Antibes has a vast number of beautiful parks and gardens that the public can enjoy.

The Exflora Park is located next to a grove of olive trees. Fountains and ponds stretch along the terrace marking this garden. An amazing number of rose bushes leading to the sea are present. Sculpted hedges, mazes, and orange groves are all features of this beautiful garden.

The Eilenroc Gardens are built in the middle of the desert on a rock. This area was changed through the patience of Jacques Greber in 1939. Over eleven hectares of land were changed into a glorious garden of traditional species. Some of the Mediterranean plants included marine and parasol pines.

The Church of the Immaculate Conception was built in the eleventh century with materials taken from other Roman structures. In the eighteenth century the facade was modified to reflect the current Latin classical and religious beliefs. A number of amazing pieces are stored in the church including a wooden carving of Jesus Christ from 1447.

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