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By Leisha K Henry

I first became an expat because I wanted to travel, but I couldn't afford to travel without working. This is what got me involved in the TEFL industry and what has prompted me to do my Masters in Applied Linguistics. Travelling as an expat has also helped me in so many another ways solve financial difficulties which I could never see a solution to before.

Here are some benefits of being an expat:

Cheaper accommodation:

Renting an apartment or home is usually cheaper than staying in hostels and hotels. You can also feel comfortable at home.

Prepare your own food:

The choice to cook your own food at home will greatly reduce your cost of living and save you money which you can use for future holidays.

A comfortable base in which you can relax, recoup and plan your next mini-holiday:

It can become uncomfortable backpacking and never having any place which is your own. You are greatly limited by what you can purchase and your comfort levels will vary depending on the accommodation standards you are exposed to.

If you rent a home somewhere in say Europe, or Asia then you can stay there for 2-3 weeks and perhaps travel for anywhere between 1-3 weeks, then stay at your rented home for 2-3 weeks then travel again for 1-3 weeks etc... This will depend on other factors- such as if you will be working, the visa requirements of the country you live in and your budget.

If you don't have a lot of savings, being an expat will help you travel without needing to stay in your home country saving money for years:

If you are just tired of your job, but can't afford a holiday, being an expat can be a solution, especially if you are prepared to work in your country of choice. Depending on your qualifications you will likely be able to find a company to support you for part-time or full-time work (whatever your preference and needs are) and you should be able to receive generous holidays in terms of the length of the annual holiday and perhaps even receive paid holidays. Many expats go travelling on national holidays such as long weekends and also travel on regular weekends. Because they live close to where they want to travel, flight's are short and cheap- So you can work to pay for your holidays, travel on your days off and still save money.

Meeting new people with a different attitude towards life, travel and money:

As an expat I have met many wonderful people who were tired of slaving away in their home countries and never saving enough money because of low salaries and high taxes. When they become expats and work in another country they usually enjoy contributing to the countries they are living in, because their skills are needed and the cost of living is lower than their home countries. Sure there can be bad expats, that travel and don't care about their jobs. But the majority of expats are good, interesting people with unique attitudes towards life, travel and money. They would rather live a full life outside of the "norms" imposed on them by their home country, than continue unhappily working and paying off mortgages in their home countries. They value freedom, travel and adventure.



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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Leisha_K_Henry

Working on Yachts and Superyachts - Testimonials

Working on yachts and superyachtsI was recommended to buy this book in preparation for a course in Marine Hospitality and it was excellent reading. I polished it off in under a week. Doesn't tell you anything about day to day duties of the various roles on board, but gives really useful information of the roles and responsibilities of crew and how they interact together. I'd recommend this to anyone looking to enter the marine industry as crew. - A. Delecia Five Star Amazon rating

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