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By M Deane

There are hundreds of items, gadgets and accessories that are designed for travelers. It would literally cost thousands of dollars to buy all the equipment on the market and you would need a few Sherpa's to carry it all. The question many travelers ask us is: What do we need to take with us?

The one thing,
The only thing
That you NEED is...

Your passport.

I'm sorry if you were expecting some world first, high tech item that you had never heard of before but instead this is just a short, tongue in cheek article to highlight that there really is only one thing that travelers NEED to have with them.

The passport, it gives the traveler the ability to get out of their home country and arrive in another one. This is a requirement and therefore a necessity.

Everything else is superfluous, other items and bits of kit will no doubt come in handy but the whole point of this article is to identify that we really don't need all the gadgets, high tech kit and expensively packed toilet roll that certain outlets suggest we do.

Is there an abundance of amazing, useful and shiny items that could come in handy? Without a doubt and some of it is worth having, but what we want to highlight is that just because you don't have it won't prevent you from traveling.

The basic rule is, nearly everything you will ever need when traveling will be available at your destination and probably for cheaper. Should you travel with just a passport and some spare underwear tucked in your jacket pocket, not advisable... but you could.

When preparing what to pack remember:

Minimal kit = Minimal Hassle

Pack light and pack stuff you don't mind getting rid of or losing. When you need new clothes, get rid of the old ones and buy some new and cheap ones from the local market. Take time to assemble a good first aid kit but don't go over the top, when you run out of Band-aids and Loperamide go and pick some more up. Have a small head torch, a multi-tool and a good MP3 player.

The only other thing you should always travel with is a nice warm hoody, this is the multi-tool of clothes, is is warmth, a pillow, a makeshift towel and an eye-mask, all rolled into one.

So maybe this article should be re-titled: 'The two things every traveler needs'.

As mentioned earlier there are loads of items that are great, but they can also be expensive and take up a lot of space. When traveling on a budget one must be wise with their pre-travel purchases. Think, research and if in doubt ask someone who will know.

The author is the co-founder of Explorer Travel Security. This is a dynamic and elite travel security company dedicated to travel safety and security of individuals group and businesses abroad. it is a full service company offering tailored training courses, executive protection, global rescue, elite travel insurance and electronic tracking and security solutions.

Please visit our website http://www.exploresecure.com/services/ or visit our travel safety and security blog at http://www.exploresecure.com/travel-safety-blog/.

Our company prides itself on offering tailored travel security solutions and is comprised of counter terrorist and risk management professionals of the highest calibre.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=M_Deane

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