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By Mirna Khoury

Sailing on your very own yacht might have been a dream of yours for years. Unfortunately, for many of us, it's hard to make this dream a reality. The idea is that only the rich and famous can afford to live the life of luxury, sailing on their own to their heart's content. Whilst this is true to a certain extent, there is one way to live part of the dream - and that is to search for yacht crew jobs and work for other people!

Finding the Perfect Job on a Yacht

There are many jobs available on yachts, each of which come with their own benefits and freedom. You'll firstly need to consider the type of yacht you'd like to work on, as each type comes with its own specific lifestyle.

Charter yachts are an area where there are a number of yacht crew jobs available. These are based on companies that take groups of people out for a day or a few days for a set fee. This is good for those who like variety in terms of customers, and want to make sure they frequently get the chance to get back on land. Such yachts operate from a number of different tourist destinations - they may be owned by individuals or companies, meaning you'll have to search around to find the available jobs.

Private Yacht Crew Jobs

There are also a number of private yachts, all around the world. No matter how big or how small the yacht - they all need crew to help keep them running smoothly.

Private yacht crew jobs are often posted in a number of locations, including online. All will have different rates of pay and different requirements in terms of how long you're required to stay at sea and how many other people you will be working with.

What do Yacht Crew Jobs Include?

Since you'll probably be expected to be away for long periods of time, most yacht crew jobs come with the added perk of including your room and board with no fees. This means you won't have any bills to pay, you'll be doing something you love, and have the time to save for the future. So long as you find the right job for your requirements, there'll also be plenty of time to improve your long-term career prospects.

The Perfect Yacht Crew Job Resources

If you want to forge your career as part of a yacht's crew then there are a number of different yacht crew resources to help. This includes online job listings, giving you the pick of the very best jobs available as well as all of the requirements upfront. This can also give you an idea on whereabouts jobs are available, what experience or qualifications you will need to work on a yacht, and how long you can expect to be at sea for.

Sailing on a private yacht remains a dream for many, but why not make it a reality for yourself? If you have the necessary skills then there are yacht crew jobs just waiting for your application.

Nathaly Dedeyan is co-owner of crew jobs a free online Crew employment and site. Visitors to crew job are able to browse through listings and post their CV's online for free.

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