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By Jo Michael

Employing a captain for your superyacht; whether for delivery or on a full-time basis, is one of the most fundamental decisions with regards to the operation of your superyacht and the experience you receive.

The Captain:

Your captain holds a position of major authority with respect to the operation and safety of your superyacht. He or she oversees the crew onboard, has responsibility for your wishes [as an owner] and for the safety of your passengers onboard.

As a captain, the support and skills of the yacht crew are vital to a successful operation, as the captain has to ensure correct management; being both financial and operational including requirements for fuel, administration for authorities, maintenance, location planning, communications and time keeping.

Ultimately, the Captain has the ultimate responsibility for your superyacht and the people onboard it.

The Delivery Captain:

A delivery captain is employed for the period of yacht delivery. This starts out usually in the phase of pre-delivery inspection and is completed on successful delivery of your superyacht to the point of requested delivery.

Following the pre-delivery inspection, the yacht delivery captain prepares full preparation for the journey prior to departure.

Following delivery, the yacht delivery captain should provide a comprehensive delivery report

Employing the services a delivery captain usually means agreeing a term of contracted service; therefore is not considered as full-time employment; unless of course you have an existing captain to perform this role.

The role of a Superyacht Captain:

Your captain has responsibility for the following tasks:

  • to map out the route
  • monitor weather conditions
  • manages all staff and responsible for personal safety of everyone onboard
  • maintains the vessel's certificates and completes all documentation to comply with customs and immigration laws
  • responsible for cleanliness and seaworthiness of the vessel
  • responsibility for the on-board finances during the delivery period

Where can I go to employ a Yacht Captain or Delivery Captain?

Since this is the most major position that you will hire for to operate your superyacht, it is highly recommended you find the services of a yacht crew agency to work with.

Good yacht crewing agencies will provide a source of excellent C.V.s to fit the requirements of the role; and should additionally perform testing, background checks and interviews with each captain for the position.

Additionally a good yacht crewing agency will hold C.V.s for both yacht delivery captains as well as captains for full time employment.

If you are looking for yacht crew and want to work with an experienced yacht crew agency that actually understands the business then make sure you visit yacht-crew.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jo_Michael

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