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Working on Yachts and Superyachts


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There are several jobs on superyachts for you to choose from. If you like the outdoors you might want to be a deckhand. If you like to tinker with engines and fix things, and engineer might be more up your alley. Stewards and stewardesses have the most contact with guests, so if you're a people person this might be superyacht job for you. Some yachts require you to have training for upper level jobs like Bosun, but it depends on the size and what country the yacht is registered in. Here are some of the most common jobs and their descriptions.

Exterior Jobs on Superyachts

Deckhands are responsible for keeping the exterior of the yacht clean, driving tenders, escorting guests to shore, assisting with water sports, and anything else the Bosun or lead deckhand tells you to do. As a deckhand be prepared to do a lot of cleaning.

Lead deckhands have more responsibility and assist the Bosun with supervising the deck crew. You usually need at least one year of experience to be a lead deckhand, and an understanding of cleaning products, marine terminology, and be competent with knots and seaman ship. Lead deckhands are also encouraged to be enrolled in a Master of Yachts 200gt (ITY) or Yacht Master (RYA) course.

Bosuns are vital members of the crew. They are the point of contact between the crew and the First Mate and Captain. The requirements for a bosun depend on the size of the yacht. Most superyachts will require you to have at least a Master of Yachts 200t, but some will also ask you to have your OOW (Officer of the Watch). The duties of a bosun include supervision of the deck crew, look after the deck stores, and on some superyachts you will act as watch leader. A strong work ethic and the ability to think on your feet are essential for a successful bosun.

Interior Jobs on Superyachts

Steward/Stewardess jobs are very demanding as the hours are long when you have guests on board, and you have constant contact with the guests. This job on superyachts generally require STCW95 certification. Any hospitality experience will help you land a steward/stewardess job. Some of the duties of this position include silver service, interior maintenance, bartender, setting a proper table, waitress, interior decorating, and a great attitude. You will be expected to act with discretion around guests, and be available to tend to their needs all around the clock.

The 2nd Stewardess has more responsibility and assists the Chief Steward with the day to day running of the interior of the yacht. Most yachts require one to two years of experience and the 2nd steward helps to train new stewards. This is a good position if you want to learn the ropes, and move up in your career.

Chief Steward/Stewardess jobs include training and supervision of steward/stewardess teams, and maintaining the inventory of consumables. You will need computer skills, a basic knowledge of bookkeeping, and a commitment to maintain an immaculate boat.

These are the basic crew jobs on a superyacht. Others include chef, crew chef, masseuse, and other specialized jobs. Jobs on a superyacht are rewarding and pay very well. If you like the idea of being rewarded for hard work and want to travel you may want to consider a job on a superyacht.

Kathryn is a travel writer based in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area. She enjoys travelling and sharing her experiences. She also enjoys luxury yacht charters from Blue Ocean Yachting.

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