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Working on Yachts and Superyachts


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What is it like to work in the various superyacht jobs? Is it glamorous or backbreaking? According to the crews who have worked on superyachts for years, it is a bit of both. Yes you get to travel to exotic destinations, but sometimes you're so busy tending to guests, or tired out from tending to your guests, you don't really have time to go ashore and enjoy yourself. If you realize this fact, life as a yacht stewardess, chef, or deckhand can be a fun and rewarding career. During the season (depending on the position and experience you have) you can make some pretty good money working on a superyacht. For a yacht stewardess with five years of experience a salary of $3,500 to $6,000 a month plus tips is about average.

There's no average day on a charter yacht. You may have guests who speak a different language than you do, have customs which may seem a bit strange, and some guests can be very demanding. You have to meet all of these challenges with a smile on your face, and a welcoming attitude. Your job includes not only the safety of your guests, but their comfort while they are on the charter superyacht. Another important part of the responsibilities of superyacht jobs is the upkeep and maintenance of the ship. This is a never ending job, and when you don't have guests on board you will be cleaning and fixing up the ship.

As a crew member on a superyacht you have to be prepared for anything. Challenging and demanding guests, wild weather, and sickness are just some of the things that can go awry on a charter cruise. A yacht stewardess shared a trip in which the skipper fell ill and went into a coma. His wife was the chef and once they were able to get him to a hospital, they were left without a skipper or a chef. The crew had to be very creative to keep the guests happy and safe. It is these experiences which stick out in interviews with crew members, but they also say these experiences give you a sense of accomplishment once they are met.

It is this mixture of adventure, travel, and freedom of the open water which draws crews to work on superyachts. Where else could you cruise in luxury, see exotic ports all over the world, and make money? Yes it can be hard work, and yes sometimes guests are demanding, but once you are at sea you will know why superyacht jobs are so sought after. Working on a superyacht is a rewarding and lucrative career. To find out more about superyacht jobs, visit the Blue Ocean Yachting crew portal.

Kathryn is a travel writer based in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area. She enjoys travelling and sharing her experiences. She also enjoys luxury yacht charters from Blue Ocean Yachting.

Working on Yachts and Superyachts - Testimonials

- Hi! I just bought the book a month ago and would love the update. I think it's a fantastic piece of work, and it is the first thing I have ever bought online. I'm very impressed with all the work that went into it, and found all the answers I was looking for. Thank you so much for providing such a valuable reference, and such an easy, efficient way of getting hold of it! Cheers, Ali. Five Star average Amazon rating

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