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If you've ever seen a luxury superyacht sailing by, you've probably given thought to what it would be like to work on one. Jobs on superyachts are an opportunity to sail the world and make some good money. The work can be hard, the hours long, and the guests demanding but in exchange for all of your hard work you can make a good salary plus tips. If you find the right boat your job will one that you can turn into a career. One word of advice for all would be superyacht deckhands, engineers, radiomen, and stewardesses is to get training. There are many schools all over the world which offer yacht training and the certification needed to land a good paying job on a superyacht.

While you can try to find a superyacht job on your own, many job seekers find a crew agency to be the best resource. A crew agency makes sure all is in order and you get the best job to fit your skills. You can apply online, and it is recommended this to be your first step in finding a job on a superyacht. There are many crew agencies to choose from, and they are located all over the world. A crew agency will make sure you have the training you need, and with the maritime laws and employment regulations always changing it is good to have someone in your corner that can keep you up to date and eligible for hire.

So now the big question, just how much money can you make working on a luxury superyacht? Well that depends on your experience, part of the world you work in, and how big of a boat you work on. On the Blue Ocean Yachting's Crew Portal they have put together a detailed PDF of monthly salaries available for different superyacht jobs and agencies. Here is an overview of the data they have compiled:

Captain - $4K to $25K+
1st Officer - $4K to $12K+
2nd Officer - $4K to $8.5K
3rd Officer - $5.5K to $7.5K
Bosun - $3K to $6K
Lead Deckhand - $2.5K to $4K
Experienced Deckhand - $2K to 3.6K
Junior Deckhand - $2.5K to $3.5K
Chief Engineer - $3.5 to $15K+ (Monthly salary maybe lower is position is 12 month)
2nd Engineer - $6K to $10K
3rd Engineer - $3K to 6.5K
ETO./IT - $4.5K to $8K
Interior Purser - $3K to $10K
Chief Steward/Stewardess - $3K to $9K
2nd Steward/Stewardess - $3K to $5.5K
Interior Experienced Steward/Stewardess - $2.5 to 3.8K
Junior Steward/Stewardess - $2.5K to $3.7K
Head of Housekeeping - $4K to $6K (Usually found only on superyachts)
Experienced Interior Chef - $3.5K to $12K (With culinary training)
Sous Chef - $3K to $6.5K
Crew Chef - $3K to $6K

The salaries reflected in the list above are in US dollars and data was compiled from the crew agencies Crewfinders International, Dovaston, Nautic Crew, and Yotspot. The actual salary you earn may be more or less depending on your experience, training, and size of yacht you work on. There are other positions on superyachts such as personal trainer, hairstylist, and masseuse. These jobs are usually found on the very large super and megayachts. If you are thinking of getting a superyacht job, this list will give you an idea of how much money you can make. Contact Blue Ocean Yachting for further information about salaries, job openings, and training opportunities.

Kathryn is a travel writer based in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area. She enjoys travelling and sharing her experiences. She also enjoys luxury yacht charters from Blue Ocean Yachting.

Working on Yachts and Superyachts - Testimonials

-Hello Jen, Thanks for the notification and the hard work putting it together for me. I have checked out the CV. It looks great! I am at Airlie Beach near the Whitsunday Islands (Great Barrier Reef) for the (Aussie) winter sailing season. I will be here for about 6 weeks to try and get some sea time on yachts to try and improve my employability. I plan to head for The Med in about April next year to try and score some work over there. Again, thanks very much for your guidance and assistance. It is very much appreciated. Martin Five Star average Amazon rating

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