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Working on yachts and Superyachts

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Working on Yachts and Superyachts


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So, you've finally made the decision to enter into the renowned Superyacht Industry. You've heard many stories about 'how to' get that dream job, yet find that the abundance of information out there is confusing or reflects someone else's opinion!

As an aspiring 'Yachtie'one needs to gain all the facts before making a decision. This should begin with the correct choice of training establishment in your region/area. Certain questions should be asked, such as:
Is the establishments accreditation in line with and recognized by the Superyacht Industry? ie. RYA, MCA, IYT etc.
Has the person, whom is providing you with Superyacht info, actually worked in the Superyacht Industry?
Is the info up to date and do they have their finger on the pulse of the industry?
Besides the training aspect, do they provide you with other 'employment tools' which will assist you in gaining employment or make life easier for you?
Do they offer a support structure and do they have a high employment rate?

The best way to check out your potential training school would be to book a free consultation with them and gauge it from there.

Jumping into this industry head first and immersing yourself in all that is yachting is the easy part, first you need to understand yourself and manage your own expectations. By this I mean, ask yourself the necessary questions regarding your ability to work: in a team, in confined spaces, long hours, how you deal with authority, are you prepared to work for a couple seasons at least etc. Knowing yourself and the answers, thus eliminating as many surprises as possible, should lead to longevity and work satisfaction.

In addition to the above, make it a priority to research for yourself and learn as much as possible about the industry and its intricacies. As cliche as this might sound, knowledge is power, and it is exceptionally true for the Superyacht Industry.

Now, more than ever, it is highly important to gain sufficient and relevant qualifications in order to meet employer requirements and provide yourself with the best possible chance of employment. Interior Crew should pay special attention to formal interior training coupled with a skill/s which could enable a seamless transition on deck, should the occasion arise. Likewise, Deck Crew should pay special attention to relevant deck training coupled with alternative training pertaining to engine room and water toys. Make sure you are aware of the bigger picture and budget for costs including: flights, crew accommodation & regular accommodation (apartment / hotel), transport and food for a period of at least 2 - 2.5 months as a buffer. Note: It is highly advisable to book your crew accommodation soon after your courses have been booked, due to limited availability.

Finally, marketing yourself is key to getting that 'dream job' and starts at home with networking. Toda's technology has made the world a smaller place and has allowed for interaction with hundreds of people at any given point (social medias, blogs, forums etc.) substantially increasing your networking potential. Courses might seem like an unlikely place to find employment, however, they too form an integral part of the networking process. Marketing channels include: Networking, Dockwalking, Dayworking & Crew Agencies and all info re: these should be found via a combination of self-research and credible info provided to you by your chosen training establishment.

Visit http://www.certifiedtraining.co.za to gain expert advice & support in order to start YOUR career in the Superyacht Industry.

Leading the field in Superyacht training and up to date Superyacht info, Certified Training has proved to be the top resource and authority on the industry.

Having grown considerably over the years, we now have a global reach and provide training for many people from all around the world. Situated at the famous V&A Waterfront in the beautiful Mother City of Cape Town, we boast a number of training vessels as well as 2 x commercial charter yachts on which our students get some sea time.

We offer a free personal consultation service as well as provide each and every student with a yachting CV template, worldwide crew agency list & worldwide list of crew accommodation. We have also aligned ourselves with a partner whom assists all our students with gaining their visas. (Mediterranean Season: Schengan Caribbean Season: USA B1/B2)

We look forward to helping you with all your Superyachting needs.

Working on Yachts and Superyachts - Testimonials

  - Hi Jen, It's John's mum!!!! If you can send me the link for the book, I can download it onto this computer and copy it onto a disc maybe and send it to him. What do you think? He learnt a lot from the last book and so did I. It was great. He is down there now and is doing all the things you suggested. He even has a day job for today and tomorrow washing someones boat . I hope he gets into the engineering side of thins as that is where he wants to be. He is going to do the SWRC (or whatever its called!!) next week.Five Star average Amazon rating

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