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By Don J Watkins

This is the master checklist to get your first job on a luxury yacht. This is the process I used to successfully start from scratch. I got my first job as a deckhand and within 2 years was a licensed captain running a sailing charter yacht. It can be done! Each of the following steps have sub-components, so read my other articles for more need-to-know details on exactly how to do it...

1) Determine that you have the correct attitude. Professional yachting is not like recreational boating. To achieve your goals, you will need to be a "learn-it-all", not a "know-it-all."

Acknowledge that although this job/lifestyle appears glamorous, that you are a servant - although with great pay and amazing perks. It is easy to "serve" when you really mean it and have a giving heart.

2) Determine which position you are best suited to start in: deckhand, stewardess, engineer, chef, sous chef, captain.

3) Honestly rate your own skills, then start a reading/studying plan to learn more. Subscribe and read "The Triton" and "Dockwalk" online.

4) Make your goal "real" by writing it down in the following format:

"The reasons I am going to get a job on a yacht are (list ). The goals I want to accomplish (list). I will start on (date). I will end my yachting career once I accomplish my goals, or if I learn that (list the outcomes opposite of your goals). I am dedicating (X amount of time) for my yachting career.

5) Research to find an STCW course near you (if possible) and take it. (If you do not live near a yachting hub and are going to take the STCW course upon arrival, then continue to step 6)

6) Write a draft of your resume. Compare and tweak it to match ones you see online. (Don't think that you will get hired by being a newbie posted online, you won't).

7) Print 100 business cards with your "head-shot" picture and cell phone number.

8) Get a passport with as many pages as possible. (If you are not a US citizen, then see my article "Getting Your Visa to Become Professional Yacht Crew")

9) Set the date and book a ticket to fly to a yachting hub where crew placement agencies are located (Book your ticket to return in 6-12 months, then change as needed).

10) Wrap up your life details at "home." (You will not be able to manage them from a yacht. You cannot have any issues requiring your attention)

11) Pack into 2 bags - most important: your cell phone. (See my article "What To Pack For Your First Yacht Job")

12) Arrive at the airport, then take a taxi to a crew house and check in for a week.

13) The following day go to crew placement agencies and register for free. You can usually walk to all of them.

14) Talk to every person you meet along the way, tell them you are also looking for day-work and give them a business card. Change your voice mail message and prepare to professionally answer your phone. You are on a serious job hunt!

15) Go to marinas and walk the docks. Network like crazy.

16) Get day-work asap to learn more, get referrals, keep cash flow positive, and stay mentally in the game.

17) Interview with the captain in a professional manner. Be honest, but sell yourself.

18) Accept the first job offer that is close to alignment with your goals. Learn as much as possible to get over the learning curve and build confidence. Do even the most menial task to the best of your ability. Learn the details of your job, and be eager to help other crew so you learn and get a good reputation. Your first job is usually not a total "dream" situation, but is a necessary step before landing the awesome jobs!

If you want to work on yachts badly enough and persist - it WILL happen!

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From Don Watkins - Professional Yacht Crew Success Mentor

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Don_J_Watkins

Working on Yachts and Superyachts - Testimonials

   Received the ebook with no problem. It is great and I really liked the links at the end of the book. Thank you very much for the wonderful information and I definitely keep in touch. David. Regards Five Star average Amazon rating

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