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Author: Cosmo Crew

If the life as a member of the crew for a luxury yacht in the high seas appeals to your imagination, then there is a yacht recruitment firm that beckons to the likes of you. This globally recognized firm is a specialist that works with the yacht captains and yacht management companies as well as owners of yachts and super yachts for providing crew that is both qualified and experienced. This crew recruitment agency provides crew not only for private yachts but for charter yachts also throughout the luxury yacht segment of the industry.

The aim of the yacht recruitment agency is to provide crew that has the necessary license as well as the training status that is required to operate yachts safely on the high seas. The crew recruitment agency provides the yacht owners and the yacht management companies with thousands of jobs of yacht captains and yacht engineers, deck officers and yacht chefs or interior crew. There are jobs, therefore, for you whether you are qualified as a deck hand or a first officer or mate and a steward or a sole engineer and a chief engineer or a head chef.

The yacht recruitment firm hires multilingual crew. So, when you wish to register with the firm you would need to provide them with your full particulars including your marital status and the languages that you are fluent in and those in which you have the basic skills. These languages could be Arabic or Bhojpuri and Azerbaijani or Bengali, Ukrainian, Chinese, Javanese, Kannada, Polish, Tamil, Vietnamese or Yoruba.

The crew recruitment firm would like to know of your skills, qualifications and certificates whether you have been working on the deck, in engineering, safety, diving or as a chef and in the interior. You need to specify the level in which you have been working and the standard of certification that you had achieved. If you specify Interior then you would be required to indicate the area where you had worked or are currently working such as silver service, nurse, hairdresser, masseuse, child care-nanny, bartender, cocktails, laundry, house keeping and hospitality.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/recruitment-articles/looking-for-jobs-in-luxury-yachts-4759152.html

About the Author

I am the webmaster of Cosmo Crew http://www.cosmo-crew.com/ - strives to help the crew better plan their careers, through close contact with various yacht jobs, crew training centers and MCA. Cosmo Crew provides your crew with necessary licenses and yacht crew training in order to safely operate your vessel.

Working on Yachts and Superyachts - Testimonials

To whom ever it may concern, I purchased your fantastic E-book but as yet have not received a user name and password for my CV. Any help would be greatly appreciated. By the way I read your book in a week....simply brilliant. Kind regards, Ben Five Star average Amazon rating

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