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By Don J Watkins

It is hard to believe, but a key factor that may determine if you can work on a particular yacht is if you would "fit" into the crew living quarters.

In other words, where are you going to sleep?

Trust me, the captain has already thought about who would work for the open position(s) based on the available cabin and beds. (e.g. a couple vs. 2 singles, male, vs. female, etc.)

Surprisingly, crew quarters on certain luxury yachts are built as an after thought and can be very cramped. Even some yachts 105 feet (32 meters) in length are guilty of this. The captain might have no choice to but hire crew based around these tight cabin spaces or awkward bed arrangements.

For example, you might learn of a new open deckhand position on a particular yacht, but if the stewardess who is already happily employed aboard is not going to share her cabin with you (and the captain wants to keep her employed), then you might as well cross this yacht off your list during your job search...

Well then...How IS this captain going to find and hire a replacement deckhand?

- Fire the stewardess and hire a stew/deck couple?
- Take on the deckhand duties himself?
- Formally agree to let her sleep in a guest cabin when the owners are not aboard?

Who knows and who cares! So keep looking for a job on another yacht while they are dealing with these issues...

A yacht owner might have a massive closet that you'd be ecstatic to have as a bunk, but REALITY is that your bed may be jammed up forward with your head 3 inches from the washing machine. You might convince yourself that you can deal with it for a season, but it will get old very quickly.

Here are 3 final thoughts:

- Realize that some captains might have "crew quarter" issues affecting their hiring process. Your individual abilities and experience may have little to do with whether or not hey can hire you, so keep looking and don't be discouraged.

- For your first job or two you may need to share a small cabin or bathroom (head), but better opportunities will come along. Just accept it.

- Working on yachts with roomy accommodations will definitely add to your quality of life, especially when you come back to bed after your 2:00 - 4:00am watch. However, understand that creature comforts only play a small part toward your overall job satisfaction.

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From Don Watkins - Professional Yacht Crew Success Mentor

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Don_J_Watkins

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