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By Don J Watkins

Before you get a job on a luxury yacht you will need a passport for international travel. Here are useful tips about passports that you need to know when working on private luxury yachts...

Before you get your first job, you will need to go to a passport office if:

1) You don't have a passport at all.

2) If you already have a passport, but it is due to expire within the upcoming year, then get a new one. (A foreign country may not permit you to enter if you don't have enough time left on your passport)

3) If you already have a passport, but you have less than 10 blank pages remaining, then you should get pages added.

o Passport requirements, locations, paperwork, and procedures can be found online on your government's appropriate website.

o Schedule an appointment in advance on the Internet to save time, otherwise be prepared for a long wait. Have your papers in order, since you will not want to return a second time.

o Useful Tip: Pay extra to get the maximum amount of pages added. Reason: depending on the yacht's program, you may be island-hopping in the Caribbean or in another area in the world where you cross borders almost on a weekly basis. Each time you enter a country you get a stamp and your pages will fill faster than you can imagine!

Here is an "unwritten rule" for yacht crew:

If you just realized that:

a) You are running out of pages in your passport, OR
b) Your passport is due to expire soon,

Then you will probably be in a 3rd world country and need to travel to a remote embassy to fill out paperwork and send in your passport via Fed Ex, plus have to return to get it later.

This is a nightmare, especially to coordinate with the yacht's itinerary, but can easily be avoided.

o If you need to get more pages added, get this handled far in advance at a time when you are certain the yacht won't be traveling. Consult with your captain. The procedure is inconvenient and time consuming, plus you won't be able to cross a border while waiting. Also, if you don't handle early enough, then you will pay a premium to expedite processing.

o For the most part, your captain will keep your passport while you are employed and use it with customs and immigration as needed. However, don't assume the captain is going to keep track of your remaining blank pages and the expiration date. Technically it is your responsibility. Captains get very irritated when avoidable passport problems impact the yacht's itinerary.

o Do not carry your passport with you while off the yacht, unless you absolutely need to. Protect your passport since it is a required travel document that is not easy to replace while overseas.

o Make a photocopy of your passport and keep it with your personal possessions and a leave a copy with relatives in your home country.

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure when it comes to your managing your passport. It is not difficult to do, just don't forget to do it when working and traveling in exotic destinations aboard luxury yachts!

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From Don Watkins - Professional Yacht Crew Success Mentor

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Don_J_Watkins

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