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By Don J Watkins

Your resume represents you when a captain or owner is trying to fill the open position aboard their luxury motor or sailing yacht.

When writing a resume for your first position as professional yacht crew, it is easy to screw up by focusing on the wrong information. However, it is critical that your resume goes into the "must call for an interview" pile or you won't get the job! This article shows exactly how to get started...

First, all yacht crew resumes should include a head-shot photo at the top, your nationality and visas held. Also, unless you want to obtain an advanced position, like chef, engineer, or captain, your resume should fit on 1 page. There are two main questions people have when starting to write the actual content:

Question #1: What should I include if I don't have "enough" boating experience?


Resumes for all positions should include:
-ALL boating and water-related experience. (you might think of water-skiing just as a fun activity you did last summer, but it may be part of your job description).
-Boat handling (or "driving") experience is key, since you will drive the yacht's tender at some point.
-Anytime you breathed on the water, e.g dinghy racing, working at a marina, scuba diving, kayaking, life guard at beach or pool, etc.
-List any safety or medical training, such as CPR, first aid, OSHA, etc.
-List any customer service work, even as a restaurant waiter or bartender.
-List anything that shows you are "handy," such as plumbing, repairing things, carpentry, varnishing.
-List boats that you've sailed on, e.g. 36 foot O'Day sailboat for weekend cruising, or 26 foot "beer can" race series, etc.
-Most importantly, DO whatever you can NOW to get more of this experience and build your resume.

Question #2: Can't I just tack the boating related information onto my existing work resume?


A hiring captain or owner only tries to determine 3 important issues from your resume:

a) How much actual professional yachting experience and training do you have? (DIRECT EXPERIENCE)

b) How badly does it seem like you want the job? (DESIRE)

c) Do you appear to understand why you want the job? (ATTITUDE)

The hard truth is they do not care what you did before if it doesn't answer their concerns - period.


Write "Yachting Experience" as the first heading. (Then the second you have true professional yachting experience, even day work, change the heading to "Professional Yachting Experience" and add each job under it.

Accept the fact that the 4 days of day work you did last week sanding decks on the 135 foot M/Y "Joe Blow" is more important than your 2 years as a Marketing Assistant - get over it. Placing "Yachting" first shows that you understand why you are there, your desire to learn, plus that you know how to properly sand teak decks, which will be more useful than knowing how to write a marketing report.

The bottom line is all of your previous work experience should occupy 25%-40% of your resume - no more. Then get very detailed on the specific skills you know when it comes to yachting and/or useful cross-over skills. Also, once you complete your STCW training add it at the top of your resume - without it you won't get hired!

Now you should have a resume that you can improve as you get more experience and compare/contrast to other resumes you see online for different ideas and phrasing, so you project the best image possible.

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From Don Watkins - Professional Yacht Crew Success Mentor

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Don_J_Watkins

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