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Crew Job huntWhen people first start out in the yachting industry they can be a little random and desperate when it comes to the job they want. They don't stop to think about what yacht their skills would be best suited to. Not every personality suits a sailing yacht, not every personality works well on a small yacht where crew are four to a cabin.

This great article by Melanie Szluchahas some really valid points and is definitely worth translating her advice into your own search for a crew position.

It all comes down to the job description...

Recently I've been turning away clients...at least temporarily.

Why? Because they don't have a clear goal. They don't know what job they want-they can't send me a list of job descriptions that they're applying for that are perfect fits for what they've done in the past.

So I can't help them write a resume, and I can't help them network into a specific job.

Everyone needs a goal-a direction-what do you do, what do you bring to the table that's better than the next guy?

The flip side is that it's impossible to write a resume or describe what types of jobs you're looking for if you don't know what you want to do. You need to peruse jobs to get a feel for what the market needs, what types of jobs are employers hiring for?

Job descriptions are the hiring manager's goals-written on paper.

Hiring managers read resumes to determine how quickly you're going to ramp up after they hire you. What are the similarities between what you've done and what they want you do to? It's all about what they want, and not about what you consider important in your career.

Case in point. I had a prospect email me her resume and job description that she'd been talking to a recruiter about.

I thought she sent me the wrong job description.

NOWHERE on her resume did I see that she had done anything REMOTELY similar to what they expected her to do. I had no idea how she'd even gotten called. I think in this case it was because her industry was so small that the fact that she had in-depth knowledge-albeit not experience doing the job-that got her the position.

I wrote back to her and translated the 10 job requirements into "here's what they want." She'd been overlaying the job with who she was-essentially forcing a square peg into a round hole. Her specific situation-she has extensive background in energy legislation and as an attorney, knows that industry. This was a business development position where she'd have to go out and identify new business, then translate how to integrate it profitably into the company. However all of her materials addressed her legislation background-her cover letter-her resume-everything. It was like she and the employer were shouting at each other in different languages.

Once I translated what the employer wanted-and did a little cursory background research on the company's website, she saw the correlation. And saw how she needed to refocus her description of herself to meet their needs. She needs to take the focus off of what she considered important in her experience to put it on what the company needed.

Employers are telling you what they want-what their goals are-look at what your resume says about you, your abilities and skills and make sure that it aligns with their needs.

Melanie Szlucha has been a hiring manager for 15+ years and a career coach for 6+ years through her company Red Inc.

What's her motto? "Let's Get Your A** A JOB!" Her resumes get interviews, her interview coaching gets clients to the next level, and her innovative ideas can move you in a new direction.

Want MORE?

Check out these MP3's of specific job search tips: http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/MelanieSzlucha

She offers a packet of FREE job search articles--worth over $100, through her website: http://www.letsgetyourassajob.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Melanie_Szlucha

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