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This article by Landon Long has some seriously useful tips for crew looking to land a job. a bad cover letter is like going to a job interview dressed in clothes you found in the bottom of the laundry bin. It doesn't help your cause. Having read many dubious cover letters knowing how to write a good one is an invaluable skill. Don't underestimate how important this letter is.

No matter how you view it your cover letter is still the first key to the success of your job-hunt. Resumes generally act as support to your cover letter. Since the letter should be as compact and short as possible, you are hindered to include everything in it. Instead, you incorporate this essential data in your resume. As such, it is vital to write a cover letter with caution.

A job application process is a step-by-step procedure. If you start poorly at the beginning, expect the outcome to be undesirable. A messy cover letter throws your chances to get your resume read. If your resume is not read and scanned, your opportunity to be interviewed is also lost. Without a job interview on your part, the door to career opportunity is not open. So when writing your cover letter, here are few tips for you.

� Do not Re-hash Your Resume on Your Cover Letter. It is not recommended to make only a summary of your resume and integrate it on your cover letter. A good letter should highlight only your relevant skills and experiences and tie them up gracefully with the job position. Metaphorically, a cover letter acts like a bridge between the resume and the job description.

� Coordinated Your Resume with Your Cover Letter. Aside from it to be visually appealing, the cover letter should coordinated nicely with the resume. For instance, if you use a certain font on your letter, you should also use the same font on your resume. Use also the same quality of paper on both documents. In addition, use the same header on your letter and resume. With well-coordinated documents, your marketability will be great.

� Keep it Simple and Yet Elegant. Overdoing the style and format on your letter is a big mistake, unless you are applying for a position as a graphic designer. A simple letter with great content is enough to convey your message. Never go for common decorative fonts to attract attention because they will not. However, if the employer is unconventional, be as creative as you can possibly be.

� Be Brief on Your Letter. It is important that you capture and maintain the attention of the employer within 10 seconds. A short and snappy letter is a good option in doing so. If you make your letter long enough, you will lose the interest of the hiring manager. To avoid long paragraphs, do not use sentences with the same thought. Honestly, you do not need to explain everything on your letter. This is because your intention is to leave the employers' curiosity on you. Let them call you and learn more about you through job interview.

� Use Different Letters for Different job Applications. This only implies that the letter should be tailored and fit the job description perfectly. It must be specific enough to highlight your strengths. Tailoring your letter for every job application can take too much of your time. However, it is very effective.

Landon Long is the founder of InterviewMastermind.com. You can download his FREE "Resume Rebel" Video Course to learn how to write a resume and stand out in a slow economy.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Landon_Long

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