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Yacht Crew interviewLooking for a job on a yacht is more than a phone call or a walk along a quayside. If you're luck enough to land the interview you need to be sure you don't stitch things up for yourself.

This great article by Joyce Sanchez has some excellent advice.

Top notch communication skills are essential for job interview success. Just think about the following example for one minute. We have 2 candidates; Candidate A and Candidate B and both of them share similar experience and credentials. Candidate B is clear, concise and passionate, while candidate A is convoluted and lifeless. To whom will you offer the job?

From this example, we find that communication is the key to avoid being tongue tied in a job interview. Below are a few tips on improving your communication skills.

Be Mindful of Non-Verbal Clues
Yes, I said it! Sometimes you have to emphasize on how to say it rather than what to say. Researchers have revealed that words are only 7 percent effective versus non-verbal clues which are 55 percent effective in any conversation. Then the remaining 38 percent is voice tone. This means that you need to do an assessment of your voice tone and nonverbal clues.

Nonverbal clues are things such as hand gestures, body posture, body gesture eye contact and facial expression. For instance, crossing your arms on your chest shows that you are not paying attention. Your voice tone shows various forms of attitude such as boredom or excitement. Your facial expression shows how interested you are in what you are hearing. All these nonverbal clues send either good or bad messages to your interviewer. Now, take time and ask yourself if the message you are sending is positive.

Always Remember the Importance of the 3 Big C's
Effective communication constitutes 3 prime elements. Always ensure to focus on these 3 elements during your next job interview.
• Clear- make sure that you speak clearly
• Concise- avoid being long winded
• Complete- always be sure to include all important information

Don't Rehearse
One of the biggest mistakes a lot of people commit during an interview is rehearsing what to say while the interviewer is talking. This is not the time! If you are rehearsing what to say while the interviewer is talking then you are setting yourself up to miss out on what is being said and this reduces your odds of engaging in an effective conversation. Yes, I know that you are nervous and that you want this job but this is the time to be attentive and interested in what is being said. Listen patiently so that you can catch those non-verbal messages that are coming your way.

Avoid Asking Dead End Questions
Take a tip from the three year old toddler who won't take just a yes or no for an answer. The best way to find out more about a manager's interest as well as promote an appealing two- way conversation is simply by asking open ended questions that will encourage the interviewer to reveal a lot more than just a simple yes or no question. To ask open ended questions, always remember to begin your questions with; When? What? Where? and How?

Paint Your Words with Pictures
Since our brains have a tendency of translating messages into visual equivalents; replacing empty words about your past experience with words which are vibrant and more vivid, you will guide the mind as well as actions of the interviewer. Word pictures portray something other people can see and feel as well. For instance, instead of saying "I was in charge of men's clothing" say "I was helping customers to put a "major dose" of "wow" into their wardrobes".

Joyce Sanchez is a professional job coach who resides in Virginia. As a bilingual professional, she offers creative solutions in job search. For more job search tips, visit http://www.workfirst64.com.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Joyce_Sanchez

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